GoodWe Residential Inverters

A world-renowned manufacturer of energy storage and PV inverter systems, GoodWe Residential Inverters is trusted globally for residential installation and applications, ensuring efficiency and noise-free operations. Ultra-powerful residential inverters are available, with various models being lightweight and priced reasonably. Check out their XS Series, NS Series, DNS Series, SDT Series, and more. With projects spanning the world over — from Australia and South Africa to the UK, Holland, and Brazil — GoodWe serves a truly global clientele for energy storage, PV inverters, and residential inverter solutions.

GoodWe Commercial & Industrial Inverters

Ensure powerful and efficient energy conversion while reducing energy losses. GoodWe commercial & industrial inverters are ideal for rooftop installations, while serving commercial needs of varying sizes and scopes. As a company, GoodWe is known for its meticulous raw material selection, exceptional warranties for Global and European standards, as well as ISO quality compliance. GoodWe commercial & industrial inverters are available through the SDT Series, LVSMT Series, SMT Series, MT Series, and many more.

GoodWe Energy Storage Inverters

Get the most out of your solar PV systems with a wide selection of GoodWe Energy Storage Inverters. GoodWe is a global brand offering a range of solar PV inverters and energy storage systems, whether for residential or commercial uses. The brand has recently been awarded for their storage inverter systems, earning the Global No. 1 recognition in 2020 by Wood Mackenzie. GoodWe Energy Storage Inverters ensure energy output maximization and power sourcing even during downtime or less-than-ideal environmental conditions. Check out their ET Series, BT Series, BH Series, EH Series of GoodWe Energy Storage Inverters and more.

SMA Solar String Inverters

Ensure the maximum, most optimal performance of your solar PV systems with SMA Solar String Inverters. These string solar inverters are known for their compact, handy design, the finest in safety and durability, and the best power density possible within a single unit. The SMA brand name is associated with solar power efficiency and performance, producing solar solutions for residences, commercial spaces, and large-scale use. Check out their exceptional line of SMA Solar String Inverters today.

SMA Central Inverters

Guarantee the best solar power output when and where you need it, with SMA Central Inverters. These central inverter systems are known for their robust, powerful, and cost-efficient operations. SMA is known for their modern PV and inverter systems, serving the needs of residences and commercial premises in key areas all over the world. Check out the SMA Central Inverters: Sunny Central Up, Sunny Central 2200 / 2475 / 2500-EV/ 2750 – EV / 3000-EV and more.

SMA Battery Inverters

With the SMA Battery Inverters, you get topnotch battery inverters for a wide range of applications. SMA battery inverters are ideal for residential use, on-grid and off-grid celebrations, commercial applications, and industrial installations. Guarantee the optimal performance of your energy supply systems. Regardless of the size or type of application, an SMA battery inverter is available. Check out the Sunny Island, Sunny Boy Storage, and Sunny Central Storage battery inverter selections now.

APS Microinverters

Take advantage of power inversion through the exceptional range of APS Microinverters. Expect only from innovative, efficient, and sustainable micro power inversion from APsystems. In contrast to traditional string inverter systems, smart microinverter technology allows for the maximization of power output and a boost on efficiency by as much as 20 percent. With APsystems ranked as the Top 2 in the stand-alone microinverter supplier market worldwide, you know you’re in good hands.

Solar Inverter For Sale in Malaysia

Solar inverters are a crucial component in the solar system. These components convert the direct current (DC) that the solar panels harness into an alternate current (AC) that is used to power your homes. Solar inverters are also responsible for making sure that your power load is in check by feeding excess current back to the grid. Hence, you need to ensure that you get the best solar inverter for sale in Malaysia for your solar panel system.

Solar Forcre is your go-to company that specializes in supplying solar system components. Whether you are looking for a mid-size system or a large one, our company got you covered!

Wholesale Price Solar Inverter in Malaysia

Solar Forcre is considered as one of the trusted sources for solar system products in Malaysia. Due to the variety of branded energy systems it offers, you can select the best systems and components that would fit right into your system and budget requirements.

Our inventory covers multitudes of solar power inverter types – from high capacity inverters, battery inverters, string/solar pv inverter, hybrid inverters, microinverters, and more. We also carry diverse solar system products from well-known brand-names and manufacturers like Sungrow, Pure Sine, Hybrid, GoodWe, SMA, and more!

Wide Range of Solar System Products

Solar Forcre is a trusted online site of solar panels and other renewable energy system products. We built our reputation not only through our impressive product line, but also our great customer service. We make sure that get the best products that will align to every client’s needs.

And make round-the-clock deliveries in major locations and cities in Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor, Klang, Petaling Jaya, and more. Your orders will be delivered as soon as possible as your orders are processed.

Start using sustainable energy today!

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