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Solar PV Systems are considered to be one of the most environment-friendly and economical ways of generating electricity. Through solar PV installations, homeowners and business owners save more money from their electricity expenses and also contribute to the Green Movement by taking part in saving the environment from the negative effects caused by the traditional sources of energy.

To begin with, a 60-watt solar PV may probably be the best choice regardless of the solar power being off or on grid; however, many people ask, “is it possible to install the solar PV system on my own?”

If one is not familiar with electrical connections and wirings, it is best that you find a person who is qualified to do the solar PV system installation. But if you are already familiar with basic and advanced electrical systems, it is possible to install solar PV systems on your own. But what should you know before you perform do-it-yourself solar system installation?

  • Determine the size of the solar system you need.
  • Make sure that your roof has enough space to accommodate for your panels. If your roof does not have enough space for solar panels, you may probably consider installing your panels on the ground. Also, check your roof for damages and have it repaired if needed.
  • Consider other factors in your surroundings. Do you live in an area with too much shading like trees or buildings?
  • Find out about the laws or regulations within your area regarding solar system installations. It is also best to ask your local electricity provider about their requirements if you have plans of connecting to the local grid.
  • If you plan to have an off-grid system that makes use of batteries, make sure that you have your batteries placed in a well-ventilated area.
  • When buying supplies, find a supplier that offers technical support service.
  • Make sure to keep your solar product’s guarantee. This is to secure your product in case you installed your solar PV system incorrectly.

Procedure in Installing Solar Panels

  1. Create a box or panel with a solid wood bottom. The panel size varies. It depends on the energy you plan to generate. Sometimes, a 1.5-inch rail for the side and middle part of the panel applies.
  2. After determining the size and number of panels you need, you need to build an array for it. Arrays are solar cells linked together with tabs. Take note; however, that you need to be extra careful when working with solar cells because these are made of fragile materials.
  3. Place your cells upside down on top of a ready-made pattern and then solder your tabs to each cell. A ¼ inch of plywood may be sufficient. Also, the cells usually come with the tabs. When your tabs are already placed to its appropriate locations, solder the tabs to the adjacent cell to build panels of cells and then flip them carefully to place it in the solar panel.
  4. Use a layer of foam tape for edges that are 6 inches apart/b>
    Moisture is a common problem for do-it-yourself solar panel projects. This happens when moisture enters the unit and degrades the cells. Foam tapes can be bought from your local hardware stores.
  5. Solar batteries, inverter and charge controllers are some of the solar components used to make your solar products perform successfully.

The above mentioned procedures are the basic steps in solar panel installation. If you have a limited working budget but has the right skills to deal with electrical installations, you may follow the above-mentioned steps. But it is still best to contact a professional solar installer to prevent major problems during the actual installation

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