ET Series

The brand new ET Series, from GoodWe, is a three-phase high voltage energy storage inverter that enables enhanced energy independence and maximizes self-consumption through an export limit feature and time of use shifts for reduced electric bills. Covering a power range of 5 kW, 6.5kW, 8 kW and 10 kW, the ET Series allows up to 110% overloading to maximize power output and features Uninterruptible Power Supply Function (UPS) to inductive loads such as air conditioners or refrigerators with an automatic switchover time of less than 10 milliseconds, providing savings when the grid is up and independence and security when it is down or compromised.

BT Series

The BT series is a GoodWe retrofit AC-coupled solution, which can upgrade existing three-phase PV system to store energy ranges of 5KW, 6KW, 8KW & 10KW. This solution can modernize any three-phase PV system, providing the ability to store power or operate with the back-up of batteries, ensuring interactivity or grid independence. It is compatible with high voltage Li-Ion batteries ranging from 180 to 600V and it is also equipped with the UPS-Level Switching. It can reach a high efficiency of up to 97.5%. It includes a Battery Input Reverse Polarity Protection as part of its set of protections and it also includes LAN as one of its communications options.

EH Series

The GoodWe EH Series is a single-phase, grid-tied solar inverter specially designed for use with high-voltage batteries in the home. The inverter features a “Battery Ready” option for users who might wish to eventually acquire a full energy storage solution; by simply purchasing an activation code, the EH can easily be upgraded to a complete ESS system. The communication cables come pre-wired, reducing installation time significantly and the Plug & Play AC connector also makes operation and maintenance significantly more convenient.

BH Series

The GoodWe BH Series inverter is a single-phase, AC-coupled retrofit inverter compatible with a wide range of high voltage batteries from 85 to 450V. It is designed to maximize self-consumption with UPS-level switching backup function. The pre-wired communication cables and AC connector’s ‘Plug & Play’ simplify installation, operation and maintenance.

ESA Series

GoodWe ESA Series is an all-in-one solar and storage solution which integrates the inverter, battery charger, UPS and battery enclosure into a pre-wired modular system for easier and faster installation. The compact, elegantly designed and robust unit is IP65 rated so it can be mounted either inside or outside, withstanding all weather conditions.

ES Series

The GoodWe ES series bi-directional hybrid energy storage inverter is suitable for on-grid PV systems. It can also control the flow of energy intelligently. During the day, the PV plant generates electricity which can be provided to the loads, fed into the grid or charge the battery. The electricity stored can be released when the loads require it during the night. Additionally, the power grid can also charge the storage devices via the inverter.

EM Series

The GoodWe EM series bi-directional energy storage inverter can be used for on-grid PV systems. During the day, the PV array generates electricity which can be directed to the loads, the grid or to battery charging, depending on the economics and set-up. The electricity stored can then be released when the loads require it during the night. Additionally, the power grid can also charge the storage devices via the inverter.

SBP Series

GoodWe’s SBP series AC-coupled battery storage retrofit solution is suitable for both single-phase and three-phase systems. During the day, the PV system generates electricity which will be provided to the loads initially. Then, the excess energy will charge the battery via the SBP energy storage inverter. Finally, the stored electricity can be released when the loads require it. The battery can also be charged by the grid to ensure uninterrupted supply in the event of a power cut.

A-BP Series

GoodWe’s A-BP series is designed to supplement an existing on-grid PV system and connect with high voltage batteries to seamlessly upgrade to a full storage system. The inverter can boost the PV system without the grid, ensuring the grid-tied inverter stays connected if the grid is compromised. With frequency shifting, the A-BP can regulate the output power of the grid-tied inverter and change the AC frequency to prevent over charging the battery. With an inbuilt smart meter and plug & play AC connectors, the inverter is easy to install. The A-BP can support whole home backup and is compatible with various brands of grid-tied inverters.

A-ES Series

The GoodWe A-ES is a single-phase hybrid inverter designed to increase self-consumption of your generated solar PV. Our A-ES is compatible with high voltage (80-495V) batteries with a power capacity ranging from 5kW to 9.6kW. With up to 4 MPPTs, the A-ES inverter seamlessly adapts to complex residential rooftops. Equipped with rapid battery charge functionality and perfectly capable of powering large loads in back-up mode (up to 9.6kW).

EHB Series

EHB Series is a single-phase hybrid inverter specially designed to meet the increasing energy storage needs from the residential segment. It is the ultimate integrated multi-function system, follows a Plug & Play design and has an external communication connector, making the installation process quick and convenient. Supporting up to 50A battery charge/discharge current, EHB can easily supply power to critical loads when the grid is compromised. It is AFCI-Ready and can support Rapid Shutdown function. All these outstanding features make this inverter a perfect match for application in South African households.

BTC Series

GoodWe BTC Series is a three-phase, AC retrofit inverter suitable for peak-shaving and can be connected with high-voltage batteries ranging from 200 to 865V. It follows a simple, Plug & Play modular design consisting of four sections (DC/DC, DC/AC, STS & EMS modules). It can switch to backup mode in less than 10ms and ensures continuous power supply for critical loads. It does not require perfect balance when operating in backup mode, allowing for each phase to supply power to the loads individually. The active, reactive power and power factor of this inverters is fully adjustable, which makes it suitable for application on micro-grids and ensures grid stability for the whole PV system. It offers 110% continuous AC overloading on backup side for maximum power output and remote shutdown function for system safety.