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The Programme NEM GoMEn is one of the categories of NEM 3.0, an initiative encouraging consumers and entities to increase their uptake of solar energy through solar PV installations within their respective premises. NEM GoMEn is specifically designed for Government Ministries and Entities (GoMEn).

The Programme NEM GoMEn works through this concept: government ministries and entities with solar PV installations within their respective premises should utilise first the energy produced from the installed systems. The excess energy generated may be transported back, through a 1:1 offset basis, to the grid.

One of the benefits of the adoption of NEM GoMEn is that it can significantly manage electricity expenses, also known as tariffs. This is especially valuable for premises or entities that have huge electricity consumption or expenses. For the easy and successful application for a NEM GoMEn, an application checklist of requirements is available and listed below:

Checklist for a Programme NEM GoMEn application:

  • A copy of recent electricity bill (for the past three months; copy must be clear)
  • Copy or photo of supply meter with meter serial number
  • Certification of Registration issued by applicable or relevant authority
  • Documents pertaining to proof-of-ownership or right-of-use, such as land title, sales and purchase agreement, or lease agreement
  • Completed SEDA NEM GoMEn Application form (Part 1, Section 2.1 and 2.2)
  • Completed and signed SEDA NEM GoMEn Application form (Part 6.1 Declaration)
  • Two (2) sets of TNB NEM GoMEn Application form (Part 4 NEM Consumer’s Declaration)
  • Two (2) sets of NEM Contract for GoMEn (15 pages in total; initials visible on bottom right corner of each page)
  • Completed and signed ERS NEM proposal
  • ST License Application registration form to Energy Commission (for installation exempted from the checklist on ST license application)
  • ST License Application checklist

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