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Solar Panel

Providing the best line of branded solar panel products that can help you harness the power of the sun and provide you the means to achieve energy independence.

Whether you are looking for solar panels for your home or you want your business to make the switch, we have the right kind of solar panels that come in different brands and sizes.

Solar Inverters

Safely convert solar energy to power your home and ensure that your solar power systems are running at full capacity.

Solar Forcre offers a wide range of efficient solar inverters that come in different types and brands at competitive rates. Get the right solar inverter that would provide you with the better inverter load and 100% output.

Solar Storage

Power up your home and business in the event of sudden power interruptions and outages and have a backup source of clean and green electric power. We offer a broad selection of deep cycle batteries and solar storage products that can help you store excess power for later consumption.

Solar Accessories

Make sure that your solar panels and systems are installed properly, whether it is a standalone system or mounted on the roof.

Our impressive inventory covers an array of solar accessories for stable mounting – from mounting components, clamps, ground kits and clips, distribution boards, surge protective devices, circuit breakers, solar cables and connectors, fuse holders, charge controllers, and more!

EV Chargers

Discover the convenience of home EV charging in Malaysia. Our range of EV Chargers offer safe and efficient charging options for your electric vehicle. Enjoy a fully charged car in your own garage with a simple installation process. Browse our selection now to find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

Why Choose Solar Forcre?

We have been in the forefront of solar product provision and services and we continuously strive to meet our clients’ expectations at every opportunity. We update our inventory and partner with well-known brand-names and suppliers so we can access top-of-the-line and the latest solar products in the market today and offer them at a price range that is within every client’s means.

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