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Solar Panel Malaysia is a full-service solar power system Malaysia solutions provider for residences, businesses, and other uses. The solar panel services we offer are diverse, from solar energy system design and solar panel installation to solar power Malaysia consultation and project management. Solar Panel Malaysia also offers solar photovoltaic system financing and monitoring. With our excellent customer support, we are among the most trusted solar businesses in Malaysia. Need help with your solar installation today? Call us at Solar Panel Malaysia without delay.

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Monetize Your Solar Panel Installation in Malaysia

  • Your solar investment in Malaysia can give you the opportunity to earn while getting all the benefits of eco-friendly, renewable energy.
  • Sell your generated solar energy through the Net Metering Scheme of SEDA and earn profits!
  • Secure the assistance of a trusted solar equipment supplier in Malaysia to get started. Here at Solar Panel Malaysia, you get the help you need right away!
  • Save up on solar panel installation costs in Malaysia when you partner with us. We guarantee high-quality solutions at affordable rates.


What Solar Panel Malaysia Can Do?

As a solar energy listed company in Malaysia, we make sure that our systems are designed according to the highest standards. Specifically, we will accomplish the following for you:

  • Conduct a property survey to see whether your location is ideal for solar installation in Malaysia.
  • Design a specific solar power system in consideration of the structural or electrical set-up of your property.
  • Provide a selection of financing options to help with solar installation and upkeep costs.
  • Ensure availability and prompt contact regardless of numerous transactions and activities.
  • Maintain a strong relationship with your solar equipment manufacturer so you can take advantage of solar pricing discounts.
  • Dispatch qualified and experienced solar installation professionals for your customized solar power system needs.
  • Provide system monitoring and maintenance on your solar installation in Malaysia as means to extend the life of your solar power system.