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Solar systems are becoming the latest trends not only among business and commercial owners but also among homeowners as well. There are two types of Residential solar system. These are:

  • Grid-tied PV System
  • Stand-alone PV System

The Grid-tied PV System or the on-grid is the cheapest and the most commonly preferred type for residential solar systems. It helps save energy and reduces costs by allowing homeowners to use generated electricity. Should your solar PV produce more than the enough amount of energy than the standard amount your home actually needs, homeowners will be to sell excess electricity to a distribution licensee. This scheme is called Net Metering Scheme. The rate is based on the cost prescribed by the Energy Commission Malaysia (SEDA).

(Read more about the frequently asked questions homeowners have about the Grid-tied PV System for more detailed information.)

The Stand-alone PV System or the off-grid system works separately from the electricity grid. It is generally more expensive compared to the Grid-tied PV System and best works for homes located in areas that have no proper electricity connection. Should having power lines installed in your area be expensive, this is the best choice to make.


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