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Solar Panel Brands

There are many brands that offer solar panels and are well-known for their efficiency and quality. These include:

AEE Solar – The company was founded in the year 1979. Their mission involves providing non-polluting and renewable energy not only to business establishments, but also to residential houses as well.

Alps Solar – They offer PV technologies that are innovative and fit for building integration in generating renewable energy.

CP Solar – This company specializes in manufacturing solar panels, designing and concept-building of PV systems.

CSun Solar – One of the manufacturers of solar modules supported by a reliable and extensive experience in the PV industry.

Global Solar – A company whose aim is to reach out solar energy to individuals by integrating solar into homes and workplaces.

Goal Zero – This company is the innovator of solar power systems that are portable and provides power for devices anytime and anywhere.

Mitsubishi Solar – The company that does a widespread promotion of the use of renewable energy for two purposes: to save energy expenses and to protect the environment.

Panasonic Solar – A well-known company that also developed high-technology solar products that are built to reduce power generation losses and improve boundary characteristics.

Sanyo Solar – The company that is well known for their high conversion efficiency products that are acknowledged for the considerable outputs even under low light conditions and the excellent temperature characteristics.

Schuco Solar – A company that offers one of the best quality PV system solutions for a variety of user categories such as agriculture, business, municipalities, residential and schools.

SunPower – They provide solutions for residential, commercial and solar power plant needs.

Suntech Solar – Another company that manufactures, develops and delivers solar energy solutions that are cost-effective and reliable.

Scheuten – A company that is one of the leaders in designing, producing and distributing of solar panels.

SunWize– A premiere provider of solar energy solutions in the solar industry.

AUO Solar– Considered to be one of the top global manufacturers dedicated to producing high-value, innovative products.

Dow Solar – A company that offers ready-to-use products that are durable even under harsh weather conditions.

Photon Energy – A company known for its innovation and dedication to produce high-class, reliable and cost-effective solar power solutions.

Silex Power – A company with commitment to producing alternative energy solutions through the setup of power plants that utilize an already existing technology.

Isofoton – One of the leaders in implementing PV technology solutions that is energy-based.

Photowatt – They provide and develop PV modules with foundations using crystalline silicon technology for a variety of application equipment used for residential grounds.

Sharp Solar – A company that has been in operation of producing durable solar panels for more than 50 years.

Trina Solar – Aids their clients in advocating cleaner and reliable renewable energy through efficient and quality products.

BP Solar – Established landmark projects and installed products distributed worldwide.

Eoplly – A company that specializes in the researching, development, manufacturing and selling of PV solar cells, modules, solar chargers, tracking systems and more.

Jinko Solar – Producers of ingots, cells, wafers, monocrystalline and multicrystalline PV panels that are of high quality.

PowerFilm – The world’s leader in developing and manufacturing film solar modules and products.

SolarTech Power – A company that manufactures residential solar products that are of high-quality and efficiency.

Tycon Pwer – A company that designs, manufactures and produces remote power systems to be used for outdoors.

Brunton – The company that brought professional, innovative grade products to the market.

Kaneka Solar – The company that developed and manufactured its own products of solar panels that leveraged advanced materials and knowledge as its major competency as a chemical manufacturer company in operation for more than 60 years.

Q Cells – A company with humble beginnings that eventually evolved from solar cell manufacturers into a leading PV enterprise.

BYD Energy – A company that is committed to developing green energy and has also developed vehicles that utilize electricity, solar power stations, energy storage stations and other varieties of green energy products.

Evergreen Solar – They specialize in manufacturing and developing cells, modules and wafers.

Kyocera Solar – One of the global leading suppliers of sound solar electric energy solutions and products.

REC Solar Panels – A leading manufacturer who produces high-quality solar panels by transforming raw materials.

Voltaic Systems – They are the makers of products that store and produce power to operate devices regardless of the time and location.

Carmanah – A trusted name known to deliver effective and sturdy solar products used in industrial applications.

First Solar – A producer of the most comprehensive PV solar energy solutions, maximizing values and mitigating client risks.

LDK Solar – The global producer of solar wafers that leads in the market in terms of capacity and manufacturing of high-purity solar and polysilicon modules.

Canadian Solar – A leading provider of solar cells, modules, power systems, ingots, wafers and other specialized solar products.

Galaxy Energy – A company with the goal to develop and market renewable products and systems.

LG Solar – A company with over 20 years of experience in cutting-edge technology and world-class development of superior products which includes LG Electronic modules.

Ritek Solar – A company that dedicates itself in developing professional PV products such as solar systems and system deployment.

SunForce – A manufacturer and distributor of solar and wind products that range from solar panels to wind turbines and PV system components.

Yingli Solar – A company that belongs in the list of the world’s largest PV manufacturers that are fully vertically-integrated.

GE Solar Panels -A widely-known company that continues to pursue a variety of products for large-scale solar installations that is both simple and affordable.

Lumos Solar – A company with products that are specifically-designed to make the solar integration easier and more appealing.

Samsung Solar – A company with products that undergone quality control with strict measures, making the company a manufacturer of world-class solar products

Suniva – A manufacturer of crystalline silicon PV solar cells and solar modules known for its high-efficiency.

ET Solar – The company dedicates itself to developing affordable solar energy products that are high-efficient, technological and commercially-innovative.

SolarWorld – A company that has been in operation for more than 35 years and is considered to be one of the largest solar panel manufacturers and is one of its industry leaders.

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