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What is RPVI and RPVSP?

With SEDA’s NEM 3.0 Programme, companies are given the opportunity to function as service providers or as investors. These companies are allowed to render services to, or function as investors for, consumers including domestic subscribers and entities. Under the NEM 3.0 Programme, these registered companies may fall under either of these acronyms as classifications: RPVI and RPVSP.

But, what is RPVI and RPVSP? Here, we take a closer look at the two classifications.  

Understanding RPVI

RPVI is acronym for Registered Solar PV Investor. As an RPVI, a company may function as investor for the solar PV installation and may offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Solar Leasing deals and services.

The RPVI classification may be assigned to both local and foreign companies incorporated in the country (Malaysia). Local companies are allowed to deal with solar PV projects regardless of capacity. Foreign companies, on the other hand, are allowed to provide solar services for capacities exceeding 250 kWac. Under the NEM Programme, it is also required for foreign companies to be made up of as much as 80 percent of local workers.

Understanding RPVSP

RPVSP is an acronym for Registered PV Service Provider. These duly-registered service providers engage in various activities necessary for the successful installation and management of a solar PV system, from design and supply to actual installation and testing.

There are certain categories to which an RPVSP may fall under, and these come with their respective, allocated targets. The quotas are as follow:

CategoryMin quota target
Domestic100 kW minimum
Commercial500 kW minimum
Industrial1,000 kW
Agriculture50 kW

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