Canadian Solar

Spanning a global presence that runs throughout Asia and the Americas, Canadian Solar sits at the forefront of solar PV products and solutions worldwide. The company was founded in Canada in the year 2001 and, since then, has been manufacturing for active markets in more than 150 countries. Canadian Solar specialises in a range of modules, inverters, system kits, and energy storage systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use. In 2020, the brand has earned the No.1 Top Bankable Manufacturer award given by BloombergNEF.


As a global brand, Seraphim is committed to providing homes and businesses with innovative and efficient solar technologies, especially with its line of Solar Cells and Solar Modules. The company is known for its commitment to the utilisation of smart manufacturing systems and groundbreaking R&D technologies. Over the years, the Seraphim brand has served the residential, commercial, and utility markets. The brand earned its recognition in 2021 for the China Gold Brand Academy Awards as Top Performer (by PVEL).

JA Solar

Founded in May 2005 as JA Solar Co., Ltd, JA Solar is known today as a prominent and trusted manufacturer of solar PV products and systems, with more than twenty (20) branches, twenty-two thousand (22,000) employees, and twelve (12) manufacturing locations presently operating worldwide. As a respected, established, and award-winning manufacturer of solar modules for the global market, JA Solar is known for their exceptional range of solar products and solutions, which include the following ranges: MBB Half-cell Module and MBB Bifacial PERC Half-Cell Double Glass Module.

Jinko Solar

JinkoSolar stands as one of the biggest solar module companies globally, featuring an elite line of products, from the Suntank energy storage systems to the Cheetah solar PV solutions, Swan Bifacial, and Tiger modules. The Tiger modules are known for optimal efficiency of as much as 20.78% and half-cell technology, which ensures performance even under shaded conditions. The Tiger Pro modules, on the other hand, feature efficiency as high as 21.4%, and the lowest Levelized Cost of Energy or LCOE. Half-cell, Bifacial, and Tiling Ribbon (TR) technologies allow JinkoSolar to sit at the forefront of innovation on a global scale.


Fueled by the mission to create a more sustainable planet, Q Cells has invested in some of the finest technology innovation in solar panels and energy storage systems. Its Q.ANTUM Technology is created and designed for utmost efficiency when it comes to performance and shading resiliency. The technology ensures maximum power even in cloudy or shaded weather conditions. This results in greater power output according to surface area, generating as much as 19.5% efficiency rating.

Trina Solar

With its collective focus on technological innovation, cutting-edge solutions, and the desire for global sustainability, Trina Solar brings to market some of the finest solar modules for commercial and residential applications. The brand features extremely high-power modules for commercial installations and residential modules that offer exceptional aesthetics but lower costs. Bifacial technologies from Trina Solar ensure optimal electricity conversion whichever panel surface the light strikes.


GreatSolar or GreatSolar PV Technology Co has been engaged in the innovation, design, and manufacture of solar power systems. The company carries an extensive range of products, from the Solar Panel Series and Solar Batteries to the Solar Controller Series and Solar Portable Lamp Series and more. Known for their innovation and efficiency, GreatSolar brings to market some of the best and most advanced technologies in solar PV systems and its crucial components.

Solar Panel For Sale in Malaysia

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Seamless Solar Panel Buying and Installation in Malaysia

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