Aluminium Rails Mounting Structure for Solar Panels

NewSunPower specialises in solar mounting design and manufacture, supplying ground mounting and rooftop mounting systems for solar PV installations of all scopes and sizes. The Aluminium Rails Mounting Structure for Solar Panels are all built with top durability, engineering safety, and installation ease in mind.  Adhering to ISO 9001 Quality Management standards and with a truly global presence that spans Europe, Asia, USA, and other markets, these aluminium mounting structures for solar panels are a must for any solar installation, anywhere.

Tiled Roof or Shingles Mounting Solution to Fit Aluminium Rails

Now you can guarantee solar PV system installation stability for your tiled roofing with the Tiled Roof or Shingles Mounting Solution to Fit Aluminium Rails. Widely used for shingle-roofing, these mounting systems are built to last almost a lifetime. With brands such as NewSunPower, you can expect mounting structures that adhere to the strictest in global quality standards. No matter what the weather, wind, or snow load, expect only the most durable tiled roof or shingles mounting solution to fit aluminium rails.

Metal Deck Roof Mounting Solution to Fit Aluminium Rails

Safeguard the durability and stability of your solar PV systems with the Metal Deck Roof Mounting Solution to Fit Aluminium Rails from NewSunPower. These roof mounting systems are designed and manufactured using top-grade, corrosion-proof materials such as aluminium and stainless steel. With NewSunPower’s commitment to ISO 9001 quality management standards, customers are assured of product durability and the best ROI. Globally recognised and with a focus on research and design, NewSunPower is your trusted name when it comes to metal deck roof-mounting solution to fit aluminium rails.


Concrete Flat Roof Mounting Solutions

Keep your solar PV systems secured to maximise power output and reduce maintenance and repair costs. These mounting structures are ideal for flat-designed roofing, which can pose specific challenges when it comes to securing and installing solar panels. Concrete Flat Roof Mounting Solutions from CSW are built to resist wind, rain, impact, and eventual wear and tear. With its flexible layout and easy adaptability, these CSW custom-made roof-mounting solutions from CSW are ideal for residential and commercial installations alike.

Aluminium Mid-Clamps and End Clamps for Solar Panels

Securing a solar panel installation has never been this easy, without compromising on durability. NewSunPower Aluminium Mid Clamps and End Clamps for Solar Panels come with tough quality, exceptional warranties, and customisation flexibility. These clamps are durable enough to withstand strong wind speed, with varied finishes to suit different types of applications. Corrosion-resistant and customisable according to panel size and thickness, these aluminium mid clamps and end clamps are great for residential, commercial, or industrial installations. Take advantage of NewSunPower’s excellent after-sales service and adherence to ISO global quality management for assured quality and best ROI.

Grounding Kits and Clips for Solar Panels and Rails

Keep your sola PV systems secure and grounded with NewSunPower’s clips and mounting parts. These Grounding Kits and Clips for Solar Panels and Rails ensure that your solar panels are in place regardless of weather conditions, external impact, or wind force. Protect your source of sustainable, renewable energy with these grounding kits and clips for solar panels and rails. Only from NewSunPower, a truly global brand exporting to Europe, Japan, Australia, and the U.S.

Distribution Boards - 13 way, 26 way, 39 way

Choose the most applicable solar distribution boards for your solar PV systems. These Distribution Boards – 13 way, 26 way, 39 way are built to serve various specifications within residential, commercial, or industrial installations. Designed to cater to indoor and outdoor applications, these ONESTO distribution boards are a worthwhile choice. Also known as combiner boards, they are crucial components of any functional and reliable solar PV system. Available in durable, fire-resistant plastic, surface-mounting types, and flush-mounting types.

Surge Protective Devices

Secure your system operations at all times and eliminate the diverse effects of interference with Surge Protective Devices from Phoenix Contact. Prevent surge voltages and mitigate the unwanted effects of interference. These Surge Protective Devices are easy-to-install and don’t take up much space, making them just right for a wide range of applications. Choose from a line of surge protection devices from Phoenix Contact, your trusted brand when it comes to surge solutions and interference filters.

Miniature Circuit Breaker, Disconnect Switch

For miniature circuit breaker and disconnect switch for your solar installations, check out the selections at ONESTO. As current protection devices, circuit breakers are crucial as they keep the system from overloading. Circuit breakers are current protection devices, prevents the system from overloading through information conveyance to the switches. A disconnect switch is no less important, as it can carry out a DC electricity flow or interrupt the flow as needed, especially during emergencies. Check out the ONESTO selections today.

DC Solar Cables

Connect and secure your solar PV systems with the Lapp Group DC solar cables.  Use the cables for indoor or outdoor installations with great flexibility. These DC solar cables are built to withstand varying weather changes and conditions. Designed and manufactured with mechanical excellence in mind, these solar cables are built to last for a long time. Invest in the best cables for your solar PV systems at home or in any premise with the Lapp Group.

DC Solar Connectors

Securing the most optimal energy flow for your solar PV systems is easy with DC solar connectors from Lapp Group. These solar connectors ensure that voltage requirements and current needs are being met at all times. With these solar connectors in place, you know you have a system that can withstand changing outdoor temperatures and increasing or variable voltages. Review the selections to choose the most appropriate DC solar connectors for your installation today.

Solar DC Fuse and Fuse Holder

Guarantee sufficient circuit protection with solar DC fuse and fuse holder. Phoenix Contact is a trusted name in the engineering systems supply market, known for tested and certified systems that adhere to the strictest in quality standards. With the solar DC fuse and fuse holder, easily transport the maximum current requirement and integrate fuses conveniently. Choose the most appropriate sizes for your needed solar DC fuse and fuse holder today.

Solar Charge Controller

Keep your batteries well-charged without the worry of overcharging with solar charge controllers from MorningStar and SRNE.  These solar charge controllers or solar charge regulators are ideal for installations which either off-grid or hybrid. Choose from two primary technologies in the market: Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) or Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). Rely only on a range of solar charge controllers with exceptional power harvests, the most optimal peak efficiencies, and electronic protection for long-term sustainability and durability.

Solar Accessories For Sale in Malaysia

Solar power systems are composed of different components that are crucial to make the energy system work. In order to make your solar panel work, you need all the right solar accessories to make the whole system work.

Solar Forcre is a trusted source for quality and branded solar system products and accessories. Our aim is to help clients and contractors get the best energy-saving components and materials at the best prices.

Trusted Wholesaler of Balance of System (BOS) in Malaysia

Having the right component for your solar power systems can make a big difference on how it can help you save on energy cost. Solar Forcre has all the components you need to complete the system. We offers a wide range of solar accessories – from steel or aluminium mounting rails, roof mounting rails, metal deck roof mounting solutions, concrete roof mounting components, mid and end clamps, grounding kits and clips, as well as other solar equipment such as distribution boards, surge protective devices, circuit breakers, solar cables, solar connectors, fuse holders, and charge controllers.

We ensure that we get our products from trusted brands in the industry like NewSunPower, ONESTO, Phoenix Contact, Lapp Group, MorningStar, SRNE, and more. With Solar Forcre, you can ensure that you get high-quality solar system components at products that they can afford.

Quality Mounting Systems For Your Solar Power Systems

Solar Forcre has been a trusted supplier of clients and contractors when it comes to solar power products. We strive to provide our clients with the best products and components that would help them make the switch easier and worth it. 

Our product catalogue is of high-quality and sourced from trusted makers and manufacturers in the industry. Whether it is for your home or your business, we have the right solar products that would help you save on utilities and get started with your energy-saving endeavors.

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