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Solar Panel Installers Malaysia

If you are interested to have solar panels installed, solar panel installers in Malaysia provide high-quality services you can trust. Although there are many good solar PV installation companies in Malaysia, there are others that do not exactly meet the expectations of their clients. So how can you find the perfect solar panel installers in Malaysia?

Avoid the “sound-too-good-to-be-true-so-it-probably-is” point of view.
Be aware that there are some companies that are more interested in profit than providing the best service your money’s worth. If their products and service offers sound to good to be true, think twice. Do some research and dig into their feedback before you settle with that installation company.

Find a solar panel installation company with accreditation.
Accreditations make your solar panel company more reliable and genuine. For your solar panels to qualify for Feed-in Tariffs in Malaysia, it must be installed by approved and accredited solar panel installation companies. This means that your preferred company should also be approved by the TNB.

Know who will perform the installation.
Find out who will perform the paperworks and who will do the actual installation. There are companies that have separate contractors who do the actual installation for them. Regardless of who will do it, make sure that these people are professionals. Ask your preferred company for their accreditation number. Also, find out who is the person in charge of receiving your concerns or issues. You should be comfortable with the contracting company and they must be very knowledgeable about the procedures involved. Sometimes, your comfort level with the contractors counts too.

When choosing for the best contracting company, the above mentioned are the most common considerations you need to take note of. Find a company willing to provide you with the best quality services. For more specific information regarding solar installation companies, feel free to reach us for your inquiries.

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