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RE Quota in Malaysia

SEDA Malaysia Capping Renewable Energy Installation Capacities

Since Feed in Tariff was launched in Malaysia in 2011, the country’s photovoltaic market has been growing. For this reason, Malaysian government is still eager to guarantee that the industry remain its fair share and doesn’t get out of hand. In order to do this, Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia imposed caps on RE Production. This means that there’s a capacity limit or quota for each renewable energy resource for a limit of 6 months for the next 3 years. The said capacity limit or quota is set annually with aim to provide profit for homeowners participating in the Feed-In-Tariff program. Commercial buildings, on the other hand, have separate quota for PV installations which was set to 20MW this year. Renewable Energy Quota is set to change should there be next set of quotas available.

The following table shows RE Quota for Solar PV Installation:

Available MW Installed Capacity for FIT Applications20132014
Non-Individual (≤ 500 kW)N/A0.000.000.00
Non-Individual (> 500 kW)N/A0.000.000.00
Available MW Installed Capacity for FIT Applications20132014
Non-Individual (≤ 500 kW)1.9227.870.870.00
Non-Individual (> 500 kW)29.9328.7429.530.00
*For more detailed information, visit SEDA Malaysia’s official website.

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