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Feed-In Approval Application Process for Solar PV Installation

Applying for FIA for 72kW Solar PV Installations

If you’re interested on Solar PV System as the type of technology you’re going to use in generating your own electricity and make a profit, let the following Feed-In Approval Application (FIA) steps serve as your guide in achieving those goals.

Step 1 : Check for Eligibility and make sure that you comply with the criteria implemented by the Renewable Energy Rules 2011 (see FIT Rates and FIT RE Quota for more details).

Step 2

  • Obtain legal rights to the property of the Solar PV Installation or a letter of intent from the owner of the property.
  • Verify if there are any requirements from the local government or the local authorities.
  • Coordinate with your prospective financier and complete the necessary documents that your financier requires.

Step 3 : Fill out the FIA Application and submit the forms either manually or online.

Step 4: Once approved, sign the Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (REPPA) with the relevant Distribution Licensee (DL), which will then have to be registered with SEDA Malaysia.

Step 5 : Sign all the financing agreements and fulfill all the conditions to first drawdown.

Step 6 : Coordinate with your preferred service provider to get started with the Solar PV Installation.

Step 7 : Install Feed-In Tariff Meter.

Step 8 : Execute Acceptance Test which is to be verified and certified by a Qualified Personnel only.

Step 9

  • Inform SEDA Malaysia and the Distribution Licensee of the FIT Commencement Date before and after the FIT Commencement Date.
    This will be the start of the FIT Duration.

Step 10

  • Start your monthly meter readings.
    As a Feed-In Approval Holder, you will be issued a monthly payment advice from the Distribution Licensee after the meter was read.
    Feed-In Tariff Payments will then be paid by the Distribution Licensee 30 days after the payment advice has been issued.

Visit SEDA Malaysia’s official website for more details about the rules and/or criteria in applying for Feed-In Approval.

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