Solar System Essentials:
Solar PV Battery Storage

Manage Your Solar System More Efficiently With Effective Battery Storage

For many different Types of Solar Panels for homes, Solar PV Battery Storage is usually important whether off-grid or grid-tied installation. Although relatively expensive, these storage technology stores direct current from excess generated sun’s energy by the solar modules and distribute is back when needed.

Having solar battery storage (and Solar Charge Controllers) means guaranteed power even without sunlight or a generator running. This is why most homeowners prefer to purchase solar battery storage as well to ensure back up power system.

Types of Solar PV Batteries

  • RV/Marine Types – usually used by campers or on boats and are suitable for small solar systems
  • Flooded Types – the type that releases gas when charged and is considered as one of the heavy industrial type
  • Gel Type – another heavy industrial type battery storage that with no vent system and not releasing any gas when charged
  • AGM – typically expensive but guaranteed to not spill or leak; Absorbed Glass Mat also does not release gas when charged
  • Solar PV Battery Storage is charged by the panels each day so you’re guaranteed to still have power supply even in times of power failure.

Solar PV Battery Storage Benefits

  • Less pollution
  • Recharged each day by Solar Panels
  • Less maintenance
  • Uninterrupted energy power supply
  • Available in different types depending on specific needs